Summer Sisters

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  1. Alissa Lara Quart reviews 'Summer Sisters' by Judy Blume.
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You're lucky if you have an Abby in your life, who really cares about you.

Alissa Lara Quart reviews 'Summer Sisters' by Judy Blume.

A whole generation of readers have looked to Blume the way Vix looks to Abby, for assurance, acceptance, and guidance. Readers feel less alone reading her books. They feel a tremendous bond with her. Many have written her letters telling her things they couldn't tell their own families -- something Blume finds to be both an honor and a responsibility.

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In , she published Letters to Judy, a collection of readers' letters confiding in the author everything from guilt over sibling rivalry to drug use. I had to get help to find out what I could do," she says. Upbeat and colorful and designed by her husband -- "George is so high-tech" -- it's visited "by all these people in their 20s and 30s who come to share things. I get about hits a day. I am approachable. I like people. Everything I have today is because of my readers. We have something to give each other.

There's a connection, you know, and it's so sweet. Blume says her publisher would like her to use her Web site to promote her work, even though sales of her books exceed 65 million copies. But that isn't why she created it.

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The way her work is sold is a long-standing issue for the author. Blume captures the weird, exciting time known as puberty better than any other writer, and as a result, publishers have pigeonholed her as a young adult author. An outspoken opponent of censorship and more sensitive than many to the pangs of adolescence, Blume knows that no teenager is going to walk into the children's section of a bookstore for a book.

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  7. That allows the friendship to flourish? What does Vix get from her friendship with Caitlin? What does Caitlin get from Vix? And what do each of them give? What do you see as the source of the lasting bond between Vix and Cailtin? Why and how do they remain so close even as they grow apart and lead different lives? How do their expectations of each other change? Do you see similarities in your own long-term friendships? In what ways have they changed over time?

    And parents didn't necessarily get the kids they were meant to raise" p.

    Judy Blume

    Do you think Vix was thinking of her own parents, or Caitlin's? What does this say about how she feels about both sets of parents?

    Do you agree? How did Vix's relationship with Abby and Lamb affect her relationship with her own family? How much different would her life have been if she hadn't developed such a strong bond with Caitlin's family?

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    Would Vix have broken away from her background on her own, without her friendship with Caitlin? If the bacteria don't get you, the preservatives will. Victoria considers this as she chomps on a carrot and scribbles notes to herself on an upcoming meeting with a client who's looking for a PR firm with an edge. Everyone wants edge these days. You tell them it's edgy, they love it.

    When the phone rings she grabs it, expecting a call from the segment producer at Regis and Kathie Lee. Besides, it's been a couple of months since they've talked at Write your own review! The Friend Who Got Away.

    About this book. More books by this author. Losing a friend can be as painful and as agonizing as a divorce or the end of a love affair, yet it is rarely written about or even discussed. The Friend Who Got Away is the first book to address this near-universal experience, bringing together the brave, eloquent voices of many well known writers.

    This debut novel is heartbreaking and hilarious, somber and delightful, and imbued with all the love one sister can feel for another, and all the frustration too. A tale of courage in the face of arrogance that remains eerily relevant on U.

    Summer Sisters | Author Analysis

    Reader Reviews. A heartwarming memoir of motherhood and adoption told through an African American lens.

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