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More filters. Sort order. Feb 23, Kavita rated it it was ok Shelves: history , sierra-leone , s , real-women , autobiography-memoir. Mariatu Kamara grew up in a remote village in Sierra Leone with her aunt and uncle. The civil war raging in neighbouring Liberia spilled over to Sierra Leone and the year old girl was eventually caught up in the war, losing both her hands. This is the story of how Kamara faced up to her losses during the war and how she overcame the challenges facing her to make a good life for herself and for others.

The RUF attacked anyone who was not with them and cut off their hands so that they couldn't v Mariatu Kamara grew up in a remote village in Sierra Leone with her aunt and uncle. The book is heartwarming and for me, the crowning moment was when Kamara met Ishmael Beah, a former child soldier turned activist. His book is a classic on the Sierra Leone war and he inspired Kamara to tell her own story. But despite it's obvious interest, I found the narrative very remote from the reader. Kamara's voice doesn't often come through clearly.

The worst part was when a social worker sits down Kamara and goes through the history of the country with her. It's such a cringeworthy contrived device! A lot of explanations were overly simplified, so I wish Kamara never attempted it in the first place.

One thing that sadly stood out was that it was the war that set Kamara free, despite the loss of her hands. She was going to be sold off to a friend of her aunt and uncle who basically also raped her. If the war hadn't happened when it did, I don't see how Kamara could have had a future. Other girls didn't get this opportunity and still face these restrictions. Kamara's narrative that she would simply have married her childhood sweetheart is simply delusional and sad. I was quite annoyed at the end where the was a piece about how traditional village life that respected women so much has been destroyed by the war.

I just wish people would stick to facts and not romanticise in such books.

Mariatu Kamara

I suppose Kamara got raped and had no control over her life because she was oh, so respected! No doubt life became worse but according to the descriptions in this book, the respect was non-existent in the first place. I'm glad that Kamara has made a good life for herself where she can make her choices and is helping others too.

But let's not forget all those other people in Sierra Leone who are still struggling with corruption, lack of infrastructure, violence, and patriarchy. Aug 18, Connie G rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , autobiography-memoir , sierra-leone , war. After a happy childhood in a Sierra Leone village, Mariatu Kamara's life took a tragic turn in The innocent girl was raped by an older man in her village.

Then rebels attacked during the Civil War, killing and torturing people. The cruel rebels, many just young boy soldiers, hacked off both of her hands before heading out to destroy the next village. Twelve-year-old Mariatu managed to walk miles to get help, and found that several of her cousins had met the same fate. Mariatu tells how they After a happy childhood in a Sierra Leone village, Mariatu Kamara's life took a tragic turn in Mariatu tells how they coped in an amputee village, going out begging in the streets so they could buy food.

Relatives stayed with them in the tent village, cooking and caring for them.

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Mariatu's story had been publicized by journalists, and she was eventually helped by generous people in England and Canada. The book was written in simple language, and would be suitable for high school students and adults. Mariatu does not go into graphic detail about her injuries so even squeamish people should be able to read this book. I wish she had gone into a little more detail about how she adapted to living without the use of hands, and whether she finally decided to use prosthetic devices.

I also would have found it interesting if she had included a little more about the Sierra Leone Civil War Although Mariatu probably did not know anything about the politics of the Civil War as a child, she was a college student when she wrote the book with a journalist. The Bite of the Mango was an inspirational story about a resilient girl. She was spreading the word about the conditions in Sierra Leone, trying to obtain help for other victims. Jun 12, Vanessa Jaye rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , africa.

I think this was in part for me because there were chunks of time that were skipped over in a sentence or two. There was very few moments more mature awareness or deepened perceptions or more sophisticated epiphanies. Just few more things I mulled over after reading that I found distracted from my total immersion in the book: People who appeared or disappeared in with just a short sentence or two. In many cases they'd either been gone or had entered Mariatu's life weeks or month earlier. Also felt that there was a disengagement on some levels in the telling of events, which was the crux of my own lack of emotional involvement.

And a few places where there was heavy exposition that I wasn't sure were true discussions that acutally happened, or were info dumps for the reader's benefit.

The Bite of the Mango

Still this was a book that was eye-opening, distressing and absolutely worth the reading and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do so. View all 4 comments. Oct 22, Aaron rated it it was amazing. Mariatu Kamara was born in the country of Sierra Leone, a city wracked by civil war from - The rebel army made strong use of child soldiers, a trend that many people know about as a result of A Long Way Gone an incredibly moving book by Sierra Leonean Ishmael Beah.

He was one of the boy soldiers. Mariatu on the other hand was just an year-old girl when her village was attacked by the rebels. She, and many children like her, were left as symbols to the country's leadership about what the rebels could accomplished. Mariatu fought through the pain and, with the help of someone from a nearby villager, found her way to a clinic. From there, she receives treatment before ending up in a refugee camp near Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. Readers join her as she tells her harrowing journey. It is an internal one in which she is confronted with being a victim of war and in which she seems to lose everything including her family.

It is also a physical one in which she travels from her village and on to Freetown before trips to London and Toronto give her access to education and prosthetics. It is an amazingly moving memoir of young lady who has faced adversity and proved that she can survive.

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It is well-written, though presented in very simple prose. In the process, it captures her bruised innocence, which has evolved and developed into a strong will to do everything she can to fight for the rights for the youth and women victims of war. I thought this was incredibly inspiring.

The bite of the mango

Mariatu has faced so much difficulty because of what was happening in her country. To make matters worse, people made assumptions about her because of where she was from and her experiences. I had trouble putting it aside even as my bedtime came and went. View 1 comment.

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May 16, Ashley V rated it liked it. I wanted to like this book more than I did and I feel a little bit bad about this review in advance. There are a few reasons why I didn't really connect with it as much as I'd hoped to and they are mostly based on what my initial expectations of the book were. Perhaps the fault lies more with me than with the writer, nevertheless, it's my personal review. The history buff in me had hoped for a bit more background and insight to the civil war in Sierra Leone at that time.

As it were, the book w I wanted to like this book more than I did and I feel a little bit bad about this review in advance.